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Marquee Tent Rentals

Marquee tents are perfect for weddings, fairs, and other special events. With cross cables supporting the center pole, there are no obstructions that touch the ground in the centre, creating large open spaces. Click on the picture for more details.

We can attach together various tents to create bigger structures, so other tent sizing and configurations available upon request

Side Walls Marquee Tent Rentals

Rain Gutters for Marquee Tents

Use these rain gutter connectors to connect the 20’x20′ or 20’x30′ Marquee tent together to make bigger tent structures.

Marquee Tent Concrete Weights

If we are unable to stake our frame or marquee tents into the ground because of placement on concrete or asphalt or there and are utility lines under where you want your tent, we will have to use concrete weights. We require at least one weight per tent leg.

Heavy Duty 10×10 Pop-Up Marquee Tent

10×10 Heavy Duty Folding High Peak Marquee Tent with aluminum frame and a 100% Waterproof PVC Fabric.

This heavy duty marquee pop-up has a 100% waterproof canopy, meaning you will have the piece of mind that you will stay dry in even the heaviest rains.

The high peak marquee style of this tent makes it a lot more stylish and elegant than most pop-ups. This makes it ideal for events, parties and weddings.

No tools or special training is required to put up this tent, so delivery and set up costs are not required. This makes it a more affordable option. Delivery and set up can be added though if requested

Add sidewalls to your tent for added protection.

Use the rain gutters/ tent connectors to connect other folding marquee tents together to create larger structure.

Heavy Duty Pop-Up Tents

These are very high quality pop up tent with an all metal aluminum hexagonal tubular frame that is the lightest and strongest in the industry. They come with a PVC coated nylon top that is fire retardant. Perfect tents for festivals, markets, and backyard parties

Pop-Up Tent Side Walls

Event Tent Accessories

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